I reside in Prague and teach students at all levels of ability. I tailor lessons to meet the individual needs of my students.

The instruments we work with are mainly Goblet Drums (Darbuka, Dumbek, Tombak) and Frame Drums (BendirTar, Lap-Style Bodhran) of the Middle East, and many of the techniques and rhythms come from there.

There is a great variety sounds and techniques from one instrument to the next (and from region to region), but many share a similar note range. A pattern or idea learned on one drum can transfer to another with relative ease.

Since each drum tends to speak its own language, much of the initial work involves learning how to create a vocabulary of sounds with the fingers and different parts of the hand. The rest is done by transmission: close listening and observing, doing, adjusting, repeating, and most importantly, playing.

 When words are necessary, English is my native language, and I speak some Czech as well as a few others.

Students are encouraged to record their lessons if they so choose. I also teach a simple musical notation, which helps in visualization.

Group Lessons, Workshops, Pure Rhythm

I have the capacity to teach up to four students in my studio in Vršovice, and can travel. Please contact me if you are interested in forming a group. This has obvious advantages for people who are already working together and motivated to augment and improve their collective abilities, and is not limited to hand drumming. The study of Pure Rhythm is less concerned with instrumental technique and more concerned with listening and feel; It can involve movement, vocalisation, body percussion, and team building.

Over the Internet

I now teach over the platform of zoom.us . It is far from perfect, given latency issues, but it's a handy thing, and considerably more interactive and personal than instructional videos.


I charge 450 Czech Koruna for a one-hour lesson.

I offer a package of ten lessons (pre-paid) for a fee of 4000 Czech Koruna, on condition that the term of ten sessions takes place within three months, or by special agreement if this is impractical.


Must be made at least 24 hours prior to meeting unless an absolute emergency.